TRENDYblackguys: Kobe x Carmelo

By – On June 03, 2009 – In TRENDYBLACKGUYS With No comment

kobe-lakers-carmelo-nuggets-finals-hugWe all know the finals start tomorrow, June 4th, (like I predicted, Lakers v Magic) and I’m excited. I hope that I can watch it tomorrow with some beer in me–hopefully some Blue Moon on draft lol. [On a side note, I love being 21 years old and being able to drink whenever I please]. Anyway, I was just thinking about how LeRoy (LeBron) acted like such a sore loser and said something along the lines of ‘you don’t congratulate someone who beats you up,’ which I think is a bit extreme considering the fact that your making millions anyway. Sometimes the best things in this world don’t come the easiest. The point of this story, however, is that Carmelo came in the same time as LeBron and still hasn’t won a championship. He played his best, and so did his team, and they didn’t get it done this season. Did Melo storm off the court and onto the team bus? No, no he didn’t. He did what you’re supposed to do and gave his congrats to Kobe and the rest of the Lakers. It was a GOOD series, just like the Magic v Cavs was a good series, and the better team came out on top. Melo’s thoughts: Get em’ next year. LeBron’s thoughts: I’m the King, I should have won. Who goes home happier?