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LOL: Booty Pop Must Be the White Girl’s Answer to Genetics

By – On January 02, 2010 – In Beyond With 2 Comments

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Okay, putting the racism aside, it’s obvious that different ethnic groups have different and distinguishable features. If you agree with this statement then you’ll most likely agree that white girls, aside from Italians and some anomalies, don’t have big butts. In the past few years, though, I’ve been seeing this new trend of white girls having these voluptuous curves and indeed trying to compete with other ethnicites…

Has the general diet changed? Is it the hormones in whole milk? Butt implants? No… It’s obviously BOOTY POP! I’ve been able to watch TV consistently for the past 2 weeks because of Christmas break, and this is my first time seeing this Booty Pop ad. WTH IS THIS?! LMAO! The commercial itself is so outrageous that I couldn’t stop laughing.

Hold on, let me stop myself for a second. If you’re a female that wears Booty Pop, or any other brand of butt-pad panties, then stop reading because I’m about to go in on you!

First, watch this silly commercial for Booty Pop’s padded panties:

Now, let’s address three important, and equally funny, issues that I have with some of the statements and claims made in the commercial:

1. You want your jeans to show off your booty, and with Booty Pop, every pair of jeans look good. Umm… WHAT? LOL how can you show off something that doesn’t exist? Man, this makes me so mad. How can girls make fun of a dude for posing by a Ferrari or Porsche that isn’t his but then go home and put on some Booty Pops. SMH.

2. You can forget about doing endless squats or super expensive cosmetic surgery. Oh brother. If you were born with no butt, and you don’t want to exercise or eat a lot of burgers to get one, then deal with it. Every time there’s an easy way out, it usually ends in someone’s feelings getting hurt, and that’s exactly what would happen if I ever had to undress a chick wearing some Booty Pops. Really, WTH?

3. WHY DO THE PANTIES LOOK LIKE THE DRUM PADS NICK CANNON HAD IN DRUMLINE? lol… makes me want to play some Rock Band on these girls’ butts.

The moral of this post is… get a life!

-Love, Junior

  • Master J

    Lol i definitely co-sign my naija bro…..this faking ish pisses me off….if i ever saw a girl take off her jeans nd shes wearing that i’d leave her there stnading. Second thing is these women want to be skinny and have a booty, it doesnt work like that, you have to either built thick naturally, eat the junk type food necessary, do squats (::rolls eyes::), or get butt implants. But this booty pope nonesense,is unacceptable lol.

  • LOL, I hear you…