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Kanye is back! new single ‘Power’ x L.A. Home x Amber Rose x SoHo

By – On May 28, 2010 – In Fashion, Music, TRENDYBLACKGUYS With 5 Comments

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One thing I love to make clear about my blog is that I don’t gossip and I don’t post celebrity news outside of artists that I actually like and admire. Okay, now lets talk about Kanye West! Kanye fuggin’ West! Kanye’s been my idol since I dunno how old, 15…16? Anyway, it’s no secret that he makes good music with record sales and hit singles/albums to prove it. However, in the past 4 years or so, a lot has happened to dude from losing his fiance to the death of his mother, but after a short hiatus, KANYE WEST HAS RETURNED…

First thing’s first, Kanye is selling his L.A. home (we’ve all seen it for the most part before) for $3,995,000. His house in L.A. really is dope, but I believe this is a good move for dude especially during a time of rebuilding, no? I dunno, lol, check out this fuggin’ house:
[nggallery id=62]

Next, dude has been gone for a while so these pictures of him in SoHo have been buzzing around the internet for some days. Yeah it’s cool that he’s back now but I’m more worried about that bag he’s carrying! Talk about dope! That’s definitely one of the bags from the Murakami x Louis Vuitton “Monogramouflage” Collection and it’s REAAALLY DOPE! I swear the next thing on my mind is getting a LV speedy 40!
[nggallery id=63]

Thirdly, and definitely the most important, Kanye just hit the internet hard with this new track, “Power,” which will be on the upcoming and suuuper anticipated album “Good Ass Job.” Have yourself a listen here:

phew…*wipes forehead* what did I forget? Oh yeah, Kanye and Amber Rose broke up. So what? Who cares? Not me…

  • voa2102

    Um… Pretty neat post

  • MdotBlick

    Let’s freaking GO!!!… Kanye is the man and represents Young Black males who wants better for us. I’m happy he’s back and killin the scene. Are those JO’s on his feet??

  • yeah the spiz’ikes!

  • Diggin your blog! you should check me out tell me what you think! xoxo

  • cedricwells

    nigga crib is sick