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LINSANITY: Hilarious Compilation of Jeremy Lin GIFs & JPEGs

By – On February 07, 2012 – In Beyond With 3 Comments

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Jeremy Lin's Blue Tongue

"Every time I try to get into Madison Square Garden, the security guards ask me if I'm a trainer"

If you haven’t started to ride the Jeremy Lin wave yet, you better go polish your surfboard and get ready! Jeremy Lin has won the heart of New Yorkers and New York Knicks fans, and he’s definitely the talk of the city right now. NY is my home town, so I definitely support this guy. I’m not going to get into Jeremy Lin‘s bumpy rise to popularity in the NBA (you can read all about that on Wikipedia). What I will say, though, is this Asian kid can ball! Also, he went to Harvard for undergrad, so you’ve gotta respect the guy’s intelligence, too! As a medical student–and former division 1 student-athlete–I commend Jeremy Lin for managing the stresses that come with playing a sport while studying at an institution like Harvard. I also admire Jeremy Lin for staying true to everything that makes him who he is.

Check out these Jeremy Lin GIFs and JPEGs:

I found a bunch of these on the Inside Hoops NBA Forum, and I couldn’t stop laughing:

Why is Jeremy Lin's tongue blue?

Jeremy Lin hits this three-pointer on the Utah Jazz and backpedals down court nodding and smiling with a blue tongue --- someone added glasses to this GIF lmao!

Why is Jeremy Lin’s tongue blue?

Well, Jeremy Lin’s tongue is blue because he was drinking blue Gatorade (or Powerade)!

Jeremy Lin Landry Fields Nerd Handshake

Landry Fields (Stanford) and Jeremy Lin (Harvard) doing their "nerd" handshake. The movements are: (1) Flip through textbook; (2) Take off glasses (3) Place glasses in pocket protector. You gotta love these guys!

Why do Jeremy Lin and Landry Fields do this Nerd handshake?

Well, because Jeremy Lin and Landry Fields both graduated from schools with reputations of having very intelligent students (Harvard and Stanford respectively).

Jeremy Lin Doing the Dougie

Jeremy Lin is doing the Dougie with some black woman at practice --- hilarious!

Why is Jeremy Lin doing the Dougie?

Well, because Jeremy Lin has rhythm. Obviously.

Which one is your favorite Jeremy Lin GIF? Check out more hilarious images of Jeremy Lin:

Here is a bonus clip of Jeremy Lin crossing over John Wall and then getting a dunk/game winning 3-pointer against the Toronto Raptors: